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TOPOS. encourages the adaptive reuse of existing buildings and materials, is a proponent of green field preservation, and actively participates in product and system research and development.

 We excel at providing innovative solutions to design and building issues that elevate the whole of a project, from a preserved natural environment with less developmental impact, to providing a healthier, more natural built environment.

Whether the goal is as simple as optimizing the healthy and energy efficient aspects of your project, or reaching to achieve certification under a Green Rating Program such as the US Green Building Council’s LEED program, or California’s Build-It-Green, S.E.A. is ready and qualified to guide your project’s sustainable development.

Our scope of consulting services offered and areas of specialization include:

  • Site planning and project orientation review. Solar orientation and shading.
  • Natural ventilation strategies incorporating both passive and active systems.
  • Climatic study and analysis relevant to project design, energy systems and building type using a bio regional and climatic responsive strategy.
  • Expertise in sustainably harvested wood including lesser known species, reclaimed lumber / renewable materials and bio composites.
  • Alternative energy systems research, modeling and implementation including PV photovoltaic and small scale wind and hydroelectric turbines.
  • Water conservation strategies and systems implementation.
  • Storm water mitigation measures including bio-swales, pervious concrete and rainwater capture-reuse systems for sub surface irrigation.
  • Green roof, vegetative “living walls” and green machine integration.
  • Planning/building code policy expertise and advisory experience.
  • Project team management, guidance and integration.
  • Feasibility studies based on project requirements and client priorities.
  • Green building guidelines, specifications, and procedures.
  • Indoor air quality and Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) evaluation and prevention.
  • Cost benefit and payback analysis including Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and embodied energy analysis.

The company is divided into divisions - design, look at its corporate policy of APPLY THE RESULTS OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH management and ECO-EFFICIENT design of products and processes, to identify and evaluate the critical environmental issues on which to intervene, promote and implement the 'INNOVATION technological processes and materials.

The TOPOS handles and ENERGY ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ANALYSIS of products, processes and services, through applied technology LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), second
ISO 14040, as a tool for environmental management of high added value for businesses, private organizations and public administrations.

La società, suddivisa in divisioni operative - progettuali,  cerca nella sua politica aziendale di APPLICARE I RISULTATI DELLA RICERCA SCIENTIFICA alla gestione e alla progettazione ECO-EFFICIENTE di prodotti e processi, per identificare e  valutare le criticità ambientali sulle quali intervenire, promuovere e attuare l'INNOVAZIONE tecnologica dei processi e dei materiali.

La TOPOS si occupa di  ANALISI di IMPATTO AMBIENTALE ed ENERGETICO di prodotti, processi e servizi, applicata mediante la tecnologia  LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), secondo 
la normativa  ISO 14040, quale strumento di gestione ambientale ad alto valore aggiunto per le imprese, gli Enti privati e le Pubbliche Amministrazioni.
Si fornisce consulenza nella redazione di VASVIA e Valutazioni di Incidenza.

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